Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Turning Point

For urbanites living in big cities life revolves mostly around workplace and family. Due to work pressure even the family gets neglected at times. In such a situation where  is the time to look around trying to delve into the lives of others around you? However , destiny has its own ways and sometimes you become the tool rather than a controller. I narrate an incidence which made me a medium for bringing about a turning point in someone’s life.
One day I was returning home as usual after from office. It was around 7.00pm when suddenly my car broke down. I brought the car to a side and contacted a car helpline company. With these car helpline companies around life has become much easier to encounter these kind of situations. I was informed that I would have to wait for around twenty minutes before their mechanic arrived. Well there was no option but to wait . I was lost in thought about one thing or the other when there was a knock on the window pane. It was one of those street urchins begging for alms. Normally I would shoo away such creatures but the sad look in the boy’s eyes held me back. He was about ten years of age with dishevelled hair , wearing frayed and torn clothes. Children of his age from any middle class family would be studying in a school leaving it to their parents for meeting their other requirements. But here was this boy struggling for his survival at such an early age .
I decided to give the boy a packet of biscuit which was there in the car. There was a smile on his face on seeing the biscuit packet. He stood at some distance munching the biscuits. Probably he had not eaten anything for quite some time. “What is your name”, I asked? “Dinesh” was the meek reply. “Where do you live?”. He pointed at some shacks at some distance. Through the small conversation I had with him it transpired  that Dinesh had a number of siblings. Like him , his other brothers and sisters earned their livelihood through begging. Despite the day’s hard work there would not be enough to feed everyone. Consequently they would never have a full stomach and were perpetually hungry.
For the poor, children are  a means of livelihood as they are made to earn through menial jobs for increasing the family’s earnings. There is no expenditure on their education as the need for education is not felt. For them it is a question of survival. But for middle class parents like us a child is a question of affordability. No wonder the poor have large families compared to those who are economically better off. For this reason the developed countries of the world have much lesser population compared to not so developed countries.
Any nation’s strength depends upon the percentage of its population which is educated. But in the less developed nations around the world the poor’s strive for survival does not permit them to educate their children . Thus poverty , illiteracy and large population of a less developed nation are cogs of a vicious circle as one leads to the other.
“Would you like to go to school?” I asked Dinesh . For a moment there was a spark in his eyes which soon disappeared. “ My parents would not allow me” was the despondent reply. Anyways , I decided to give it a try. He took me to the shacks where his parents lived. Seeing Dinesh with a stranger his parents glared at him for loitering during work time and looked at me with suspicion. I told his parents that I meant no harm . My purpose of coming to them was to get their consent for educating Dinesh. They impulsively disagreed. It took a lot of persuasion in convincing them about the benefits of educating their child. Did they not wish to emerge from this sub human situation. Educating one child would benefit the entire family and help them to overcome their poverty. “ But where is the money to educate our children ?”they enquired. I told them that I was willing to meet Dinesh’s expenditure on his education provided they would allow him to study and not compel him for begging. After some thought the parents finally acquiesced though the element of suspicion remained. So that settled it. Dinesh was to go with me to a nearby school for admission. I would pay his school fees directly to the school. I would get him the books and also arrange for his school uniform. I  did not agree to give the money for Dinesh’s requirements to his parents as I knew that they would fritter away the money in meeting their other requirements.
Next morning after informing my office that I would be somewhat late for work I picked up Dinesh and took him to the school. The spark in his eyes had returned though their was a look of apprehension on his face. I told him that there was no reason to worry and he should look forward and welcome the new opportunity that awaited him.
As expected the Principal was some what reluctant to give admission to a street urchin apprehending objection by the other children and their parents. Again , I had to remind the Principal that educating children was not only his professional but a moral responsibility as well. Finally he acquiesced on the condition that Dinesh should have a good conduct . If he found the boy having bad habits and not showing any interest in studies then the school would not be able to continue him.
The first few days were hard for Dinesh as both the students as well as teachers looked down upon him. But even I did see the inherent talent of this street urchin. Dinesh  ignored the scornful looks of those around him and focused on his studies. He was used to being scoffed at while begging on the streets. With a little guidance from me he was quick to grasp concepts and expressed himself well in the class.His interest in academics helped him to make a mark for himself in  the class and earn admiration of both the teachers and the students.
When I last met Dinesh in his school premises I found an air of confidence and a spark in his eyes which I had seen momentarily when I met him for the first time on the streets begging for alms.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Meaning Of Real Togetherness

We got hitched to one another on the first day of the new thousand years . We had met interestingly at a typical companion's marriage. It was one of those snippets of all consuming, instant adoration. The wedding service gave a chance to be close to one another. One thing prompted another and soon we were talking with one another as though we had known one another for a very long time. The minute came when we needed to withdraw and go our particular ways yet not before trading our contact numbers.

Around then we didn't understand our affections for each other. However, in the wake of going home I couldn't overlook her gurgling identity . Later on she admitted that she was encountering comparable emotions towards me. She like me was additionally working for a huge multinational organization . While daytime kept us engrossed with our expert llves we would make it a point to meet one another routinely after available time. We had been romancing one another for just about eight months now. It was currently time to take our relationship to the following level. One night over some espresso at our most loved home base I proposed to her and she joyfully acknowledged. Our families had no complaint to our partnership. We chose to get hitched on the first day of the new thousand years on a frosty January night. The glow of our relationship made it crave spring time.

The initial couple of years of marriage were similar to ecstasy. We couldn't hold up to be with each other. We would willingly sit tight for the weekends for going on lengthy drives at a young hour in the morning , have dinners at a way side dhaba and spend nighttimes in one another's arms viewing our most loved motion pictures.

Well as the colloquialism goes each good thing arrives at an end one day. Our expert lives began taking their toll on our marriage and the sparkle in our relationship began blurring following a couple of years of marriage Our profession took prevalence over our relationship. There was no more any rush to surge back home after work. Weekends would be taken up in taking care of family unit errands. Life would have proceeded with no shading for whatever is left of our days had it not been for the critical day which changed our introduction towards one another.

On that game changing day we had gone for function obviously. Amidst a meeting at around 12 twelve I saw her name blazing on my portable. We had quit irritating one another at our work places unless there was a crisis . I pardoned myself and left the meeting for going to the call. What came next made my heart sank. Her building was ablaze and she was screwed over thanks to no methods for break. Her office was on the tenth floor with two stair cases on every end . The flame had spread to such a degree, to the point that the staircases could never again be utilized. When I heard the news I simply hurried towards her office building without an idea. On coming to the spot the smoke surging from the top floors made me feel faint. All of a sudden I understood what she intended to me . I attempted to hurry into the building however was anticipated by the powers. I sat down on the ground grasping my head. My life was meaning less without her. I quickly was attempting to get in touch with her however she would not answer putting me to further gloom.

The Fire Department had put a step shape the opposite side of the building of which I was not mindful. I had surrendered all trusts of her survival. I continued sitting on the ground negligent of the surroundings tears blinding my eyes. Abruptly there was a well known hand on my shoulder. It was her. She had survived. It was a wonder materializing. I couldn't control my feelings. I embraced her firmly and we cried like kids.

We had at long last discovered the lost sparkle in our relationship.We had that game changing day acknowledged what we implied for each other . In every single such connection life turns high contrast and a few begins underestimating the relationship. We likewise would have proceeded in the same manner had it not been for that life turning rate. We had rediscovered ourselves.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Airtel 4G - Get The Fastest Network Ever

In today’s space age time is money. Consequently, we expect that the mobile phones we carry are smart enough to keep pace with our various requirements be it in home or office. Thanks to the present day phones which are virtually like carrying a computer in our pockets. Whether one wants to book tickets, watch movies , stream the internet for our various requirements, all this is now possible with our smart phones.
While the smart phones have changed our life style itself, unless they are complimented with matching service they would be of limited use. Remember the day when on a tour you were suddenly required to make a presentation and transmit to office urgently. But due to the poor internet service the preparation of the presentation took unduly long leading to an embarrassing situation. Well such situations are now going to become a thing of the past with the introduction of Airtel’s new 4G service. It is something one has never experienced before. Airtel’s 4G service is lightening fast and provides you with all internet related requirements in a jiffy.
Airtel’s 4G service would provide you the confidence you have always desired at your work place, whatever be the nature of your profession. Besides helping you in your presentations in the shortest possible time it would provide you all the information related to your work quickly. Naturally this would help in improving your efficiency at your work place and help in keeping your boss happy. It is not difficult to imagine that there is a direct correlation between being a proud owner of an Airtel’s 4G phone and your career progression.
All work and no play make us dull and burns out our energy fast. When not working one may like to indulge in video games or download a favourite movie. Earlier,  with the slow internet service downloading a movie would mean that one had to plan that much in advance. But no more waiting now. Airtel’s 4G services have made possible instant viewing of a full movie which earlier used to take ages to download. So next time whenever you are relaxing use the Airtel’s 4G service to entertain you.
The internet has introduced us to a world of information. It undoubtedly is the biggest revolution in the history of mankind. Airtel’s 4G service helps us in accessing the internet like never before. In our lives many situations demand emergent action on our part like a close one suddenly requiring hospitalisation or need to find the right lawyer etc. Before arriving at a decision in such a situation one would like to be sure that the hospital or the lawyer as the case may be meets our requirements. Well with Airtel’s 4G service one does not have to worry on this count as it helps to provide you the information keeping in view the urgency.

Probably you are thinking that such high speed service must be unaffordable. Well , not to worry as for Airtel customer satisfaction is any day more important than the cost. Happily ,   Airtel’s 4G service is being provided at 3G costs. So now that you appear convinced contact your nearest Airtel dealer for the much awaited Airtel’s 4G service.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Advantages of a Balanced Diet

Who does not like to stay fit and in a good shape?  It is however our sedentary life style and fondness for junk food that takes a toll on our health and leads to obesity. In this space age people look for instant results and so to bring back the body in shape they go in for crash diets. However, while crash diets may give a temporary result appealing to our senses, in the long run they do more harm than good. Crash diets may lead to nutritional deficiencies , sudden fall in blood pressure weakness and fatigue. They may even weaken our natural immune system making us susceptible to various ailments. Thus while crash diets may appear to provide instant benefits , such shortcuts do not work in the long run.
While most of us are aware that for a healthy life balanced diet and physical exercise are absolutely essential many of us do not know as to what constitutes a balanced diet. Our body requires various elements like proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins etc.  Whenever there is a deficiency of one or the other element it could lead to a bodily ailment. Any one food item does not satisfy the requirement of all the nutrients. A balanced diet , however ensures that our body receives all the nutrients in a right proportion.
 The next question is what kind of food constitutes a balanced diet ? The green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. So are the various kind of fruits. The cereals satisfy the requirements for protein and carbohydrates. Similarly, milk fulfills the requirement for calcium and vitamin D which makes our bones strong. No wonder every mother ensures that milk is an essential intake of her child’s daily diet . The nature of the balanced diet would be different for different categories of people and different age groups. For instance those whose work involves more of physical activity like manual labour , sports persons , growing children etc. would require larger quantity of proteins for making up for the wear and tear of their muscles. People of advanced age would need to have food rich in vitamin supplements  so that their immune system can remain strong . A person with limited physical activity needs to keep a watch on his intake of carbohydrates , sugar and fat and focus more on a diet comprising of vegetables , fruits  proteins and minerals.
While a balanced diet is essential for staying healthy and in shape it is not a substitute for regular physical activity which helps in burning up the excess calories and fat  which accumulates in our body. Technological advances has made our life comfortable so much so that it has cut down on our movements . For travelling there are four wheelers and two wheelers ;  for climbing there are lifts. Even our chairs in offices have wheels. On top of this our intake of sugar in innumerable cups of tea and coffee makes the situation still more grave. If we cannot change our life style at least we can cut down on our sugar intake and substitute it with honey. Honey in our diet has proven benefits  . It cuts down on calorie intake   helping us  to remain trim and slim; keeps our skin healthy and is also good for digestion etc. No wonder it has been an essential ingredient of age old ayurvedic medicines.
So next time before reaching for that junk food think of how it would disfigure your body.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf it Fast- UC Cricket Browser

The journey of cricket in India started from the early Eighteenth century  when it was brought in by the English traders and soldiers. After the Britishers left India the popularity of the game grew so much so that it left behind other traditional games like hockey and football. The popularity of game can be gauged from the fact that the game got associated with big finances. Today cricket is a multi-billion dollar Industry. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is one of the richest bodies in the world . No wonder it has been in the news of and on for one reason or the other .
The format of the game has also been changing over the years. There was a time when spectators had ample time at their disposal . Those were the days of the two innings Test Matches which would continue for days together and people would throng the cricket stadium day after day cheering their favourite players . With the globalising of the Economy it became difficult for the spectators  to spare day after day to watch the game though its popularity never ebbed. With a view not to miss the game people could be seen glued to their transistors or Television sets at home and work places. Then came the era of  the One Day Matches with fifty overs on each side. The pace of the game became much faster and the cricket stadia were once again thronging to their full capacity.  Once again the viewership of the game increased. Not satisfied with the current format of the game the organisers wanted to further increase the thrill element of the game which gave birth to the Twenty20 matches.
Just as the format of the game has undergone transformation so has the manner of viewership of the game . With technological progress the manner of viewership has undergone  a sea change. While there can be no substitute for watching the match live at the cricket stadium sharing ones feelings with thousands of spectators , most of the time cricket fans cannot by and large afford to visit the stadium to witness cricket matches. In the days gone by the alternative would be to listen to the running commentary over radio sets or transistors. With the invention of the Television it was almost as good as watching the game live at the cricket stadium. Then came the biggest invention of all times the Internet which brought about a radical change in every sphere of life. With Internet came the android phones and the Iphones , tablets etc. With such devices the game could be viewed while on the move.
The Internet introduced various browsers for viewing the game . One of the best browsers that I have heard of  is the UC Cricket Browser. The browser enables watching the game like never before. How would you feel if due to some or the other glitches you are not able to view the game seamlessly. With the UC Cricket Browser one does not have to worry on this account. So before watching the next tournament don’t forget to watch the matches on UC Browser.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Come Closer to Radiant Skin

 The World is changing, so our lives.   We are highly getting affected by   increase in work pressure, exam pressure, social and psychological tensions.  Lucky are those who find time for themselves and their family. The stressful lives of ours have also led a huge impact on our health.  In the rat race, we are forgetting that the biggest asset lies within us and that is our health. Our health is just like an engine of our lives. If it gets down, everything comes to an halt.
Apart from our stressful lives, we are also adopting unhealthy eating habits. We don’t take a proper 8 hours sleep which is essential for everyone and increase in pollution and adulteration has affected our skin and internal organs. Its impact can be clearly seen:
·         Pimples, Dark spots , Rashes.
·         Early aging
·         Skin infection  
·         Dark circles under the eyes.

There are many other skin problems apart from these problems mentioned below.  Our skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body.  One should take extra care of it or it can cause major problems which would shake our confidence and it may also give
 I still remember my childhood and the wonderful advertisement of VICCO Turmeric Cream. That is the only product which has continued to grow because of it is chemical free and made of natural nutrients.
Instead of buying cosmetics skin products, I prefer natural and chemical free ingredients. My skin is  very important for me and I would not sacrifice with my skin products. Here are some of the natural home skin care remedies and tips which I have been following since my teen school days:
·         Drink plenty of water- Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water which helps in detoxification and helps your skin glow.
·         Prefer fruits and dairy products in your Breakfast – I would always prefer to start my day with healthy diet instead of fried and food which are rich in calories. I always start my day with a plate full of fruits and a glass of milk. This will increase blood circulation and will bring a natural glow to your skin.
·         Prefer homemade mask and pack- Instead of using those chemical products for face scrubbing; always use a homemade pack for your face.  My favourite skin mask is of rice and milk which I apply every alternate day on my skin. This has removed all the dead skins and black heads and my skin looks fresh and healthy.
·         Have a good night’s sleep- Sleep is very essential for everyone. One should have a minimum 8 hours of sleep at the night. Our skin functions better when we take a proper sleep at night. So keep aside your smart phones and any other work and have a lovely and sweet sleep.
·         Apply "VICCO Turmeric Cream" – This is the one of the oldest products in the market. The product has gained trust of many consumers because of its high quality. It is not a cosmetic and a chemical free product which helps dealing with all kind of skin problems.

We follow the above steps regularly, I am sure within a few days, we would say bye to all over skin problems.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Airtel App Features

In today’s age where time is money it is important that we take the help of technology to complete our assignments and activities with ease in the least possible time .This has been made possible with the help of the smart phones . But without an appropriate application smart phones on their own would not be of any use. To complement the smart phones Airtel has introduced one of the best available applications which has made life much simpler. As per their track record Airtel has always remained in the forefront when it comes to providing different kinds of service to the customers. My Airtel  App has been developed keeping in view the varied requirements of different category of users.
1.       The application  can be used by both prepaid as well as post paid users. In fact every time the phone is recharged the users will get surprise coupons which can be redeemed across various popular brands like  PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, and many other well known brands.
2.       Standing in long queues for payment of bills is now a thing of the past with My Airtel App. Now you can pay bills from your offices or homes or even when on the move through the click of a button. Remember the last minute rush to pay bills for fear of penalties being imposed as you were preoccupied or forgotten to pay the bill earlier. Now the bills can be paid on a 24x7 basis , thanks to Airtel.
3.       Waiting for an appointment has always been boring. The only way of killing time is to rummage through the same old magazines and periodicals kept at the reception. But now even waiting for an appointment can be entertaining with My Airtel App. The interesting games or pre-recorded programmes downloaded  using My Airtel App will make the wait entertaining like never before.
4.       Worried about consuming your entire recharged amount? Well use the application to track your data usage recharge history etc. The applicaton has in any case a built in feature which cautions the user about low balance so that the user can take timely action for recharging their phone.
5.       Whenever making payments online using mobile phones we are apprehensive whether the payment gateway is secure or not . With My Airtel App one does not have to worry on this account. Transferring money through My Airtel App is as secure as it can be and one need not have to worry on one’s account getting hacked or misuse of credit or debit card information.
The Internet is one of the most significant inventions of mankind . It has opened vistas today which were even beyond imagination earlier. It connects one person with another irrespective of where they are. The huge repository of information available through the internet has changed the way of life for billions of people around the globe. My Airtel App ensures that the internet is always accessible to the user with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Download the My Airtel App now for upgrading your life .
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